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Our Crew


Matthew D. Chase

Abodio Co-founder and Crew Member


Corey Baker

Abodio Crew Member

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Michael Rice

Abodio Crew Member

Our Crew: Team Members
Image by John Cameron


​Abodio launched our Handyperson Services in August 2021. Over the next few months the team will also be working on building a new, innovative Preventative Maintenance service for your homes. We can’t wait to share more about this with you.

At our core we believe in helping people in our community. We bring this value into everything that we do. With each house visit and interaction we strive to deliver the best service and ensure we leave our customers feeling positive. We want to extend this further into our community to support those who do not have the same access to our services.

Our values will be present across our organization, by reviewing who we partner and do business with by checking standards of equal opportunities and diversity goals, to giving back to the community by offering the chance to ‘purchase’ extra hours from our team which we can then use for families, individuals or nonprofits who can’t afford additional support. Please contact the team for more information on how to get involved.

Our Crew: Image
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